10 Capricorn favorite foods

Capricorns are quite disciplined in their dining habits. They like to eat on schedule. They must include healthy foods in their diet that contributes to their overall health and general well-being. A carefully chosen diet helps boost energy. 

Diet and zodiac sign is closely associated. In fact, healthy diet is reflected in one’s personality. It can shape up Capricorn traits including food choices. Capricorns enjoy healthy foods to stay fit. Their well-being depends upon their selection of meals. They are conscious about what they eat. 

Here’s a list of ten foods that are favorite for most of the Capricorns. 

  • Breakfast cereals

Whether it’s porridge, crunchy corn flakes or any other breakfast cereal; Capricorn loves starting day with these healthy foods. They keep them active all day.

  • Beef

Beef is good to take in any form such as burger, stew, casserole and so on. These can be taken as main meal or an evening snack. 

  • Chicken

Capricorns would love having chicken in their regular diet. Packed with proteins and other nutritious ingredients, chicken is an all-time favorite. They can have in the form of curry, soup, patty, fritters, sandwiches or any other dish. 

  • Lentils

Lentils are refreshing and perfect to kill hunger. These are the best source of proteins and minerals. Lentil soup is delicious and can be taken anytime. When Capricorns are not feeling like eating meat, they can have lentils. These have high satiety value as well. 

  • Soy beans

Soy beans are packed with nourishing nutrients. Capricorns can have them in breakfast or evening snack. Add them in salad to enjoy its taste. These are rich in iron. 

  • Baked potatoes

Enjoy with steak or serve separately, these are delicious. They have good satiety value as well. They fill up the stomach and are healthy alternate to many calorie-rich foods. 

  • Sardines

Sardines are nutritious and healthy. They are perfect for the Capricorns who love sea-food. Enjoy them on any time of the day. 

  • Turkey

Turkey is served on special occasions. It’s in the list of Capricorn’s favorite food. It’s loaded with healthy nutrients and tastes great. It should be included in diet. 

  • Fruit salad

Nothing can be more refreshing than a bowl of fruit salad. Seasonal fruits can be mixed up to make a delectable combination. Apples, peaches, berries and citrus fruits are healthy as well as delicious. 

  • Steamed vegetables

Capricorns should include steamed veggies in their regular diet. Steam retains nourishment and is better than other cooking techniques. Prefer it over deep fried vegetables that are packed with fats. 

Capricorns should consider nourishment in the food rather than going after taste only. Avoid unhealthy snacks because they will deteriorate health. Cook food in a way that its nutrients are retained. There should be no loss of minerals or vitamins during processing. Organic foods should be preferred over refined and processed ones. Fast food is also loaded with unhealthy fats, so it should not be consumed frequently.

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