Holi Foods That Are Famous Around the Globe

Holi is said to be the festival of colors. But it is incomplete without adding the color of food in it. No matter where ever in the world you are celebrating Holi, you will have a huge variety of Indian food available. All of them are deliciously amazing. Let’s learn about some famous foods. All of them are a must to have on the menu. And if any of it is not on the list, Holi will remain incomplete.


Bhang is a drink that is the most famous on Holi. And consumption of Bhang continues all over the day on Holi. Different people use different bhang recipes. Some people love to have it simple. But others make it intoxicated. It is delicious. If you are new to Holi, you must try it. If you don’t like the toxic one, you can have it simple. But your Holi will not complete without at least a glass of it.

Bhang Ke Vade:

Bhang is a must, not only in the form of liquid but also as a snack too. Do you have any idea how it can be possible? If not, don’t worry it is easy. You only need to take leaves of Bhang and mix it into besan. Now fry the Vade until they get golden brown. It also tastes amazing. 


Gujiya is a sweet Indian snack that is a favorite of everyone on every occasion. But when it is Holi, Gujiya is a must on the menu. Ladies love to make it at home. And it is easy too.

Puran Poli:

It is a South Indian sweet snack. It is easy to make and is healthy food. If you are not in South India, you will also notice the Puran Poli’s importance on the Holi menu.


Pakorey can have a variety of ranges. You can enjoy Pakoras of Bhang, Pyaz, Mirch, to almost anything. Some people like the Pakora of mix vegetables and others like it with a single ingredient. No matter whatever Pakora you will get to eat, it will taste fantastically crispy. Check our more holi food recipes here.


Phirni is a delicious sweet delight. It is made of rice and milk as the main ingredients. It is served chill and is a must in the Holi menu.

Chicken Korma:

For the non-veg people, a dish of chicken is a must to eat in the Holi menu. And Chicken Korma stands above all other chicken recipes.


When you have chicken korma in the Holi menu, you will also witness the crispy and hot Kulcha too. It is the best option among chapati or poori.

Chana Chaat:

Chickpeas are healthy. And when mixed with other healthy vegetables and spices, they taste amazing. You can have many varieties of Chana Chaat on the Holi menu. No matter what you will get to taste, it will be amazing.

The Holi menu is still incomplete because Indians love to add varieties into it. So, you can dream of eating much more delicious delicacies. Happy Holi, Happy Eating! Happy

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