Is it safe to drink distilled water or is it a risk to our health?

We are always told to drink at least 8 glasses of water every day and others even consume more than that, especially when the weather is too hot and we perspire a lot. This only shows that drinking is very important in our daily lives because it is not only meant to hydrate our body but to also keep us in good health. You might be thinking that this liquid substance can’t give us something good because it is odorless, colorless, and usually have a light or pale taste.

But you should also know that flavor does not always determine what or how much minerals we can get after emptying a glass. Sometimes we are not even aware of the type of liquid that we are drinking just like when it is bottled where we have distilled and purified, because we give less attention to this. In my opinion, it is better to know if it will be safe to drink distilled water or even the ones from the tap, especially when we don’t have a filtration system installed at home or workplace. 

I guess that would be a concern that needs to be considered first at homes where there are kids or seniors because the source of the consumption will determine one’s safety and health risk. Let’s say that we have not yet installed filter systems for clean water that will run through the tap and have decided to have a distilled one. With this in mind, you may need to know first what this is and if it will benefit you or may put your health in a bad shape.

Distilled Water

This is a liquid substance that is also purified where the process of distillation is applied. The first step that they do is boiling and then condensed-steaming. In this way, solid contaminants will be left behind and that is how you can get the pure part, though the natural minerals will be lacking.

With distillation, the liquid substance will be purer than those that are purified using a reverse osmosis filter, carbon, or ion exchange. It may do good or bad and that will depend on the people who will drink it, especially when there is a health issue.

Is it purified?

Through the process of distillation, impurities of a liquid substance will be removed – go to for further reading. Again, the process performed involves boiling, steaming, and cooling. These are ideal ways to eliminate the contaminants like viruses, protozoa, bacteria, and chemicals, such as sulfate and lead.

Because of this liquid’s purity, it is often used in laboratories and medical facilities as well. Some people prefer to have this because it is a contaminant-free drink but let me remind you that this is not the same as the other types of purified drinking water.


The good thing about distilled drinks is that the contaminants were effectively eliminated during the distillation process so that makes it safe. You should know that the level of chemicals from your tap will depend on your location and the people who regulate its safety this is why filters are installed. Now with these companies that offer such filtration system installation services, you have to choose the type of purification use and one is distillation.

Individuals with a weak immune system may need to drink distilled water because the presence of bacteria or pesticides will weaken them more. Let’s say that you are a cancer patient or a person carrying HIV or AIDS and because of your condition, your immune system is weakened so distilled liquid substances would be helpful to lessen the risk of getting ill due to the absence of impurities. I supposed this is also the reason why some patients and practitioners prefer this and the same is true for medical facilities.

By the way, you must be aware that tap water usually contains chlorine and this is not so good for one’s health, especially when the amount is too much. So if you are going to install a filter that applies the distillation process, then the chlorine content can be effectively eliminated and you will notice that when there is no chlorine-odor. Aside from that, you can also observe the taste which may be tasteless but exposure to the chlorine chemical was decreased so the taste can be improved.

Potential Risks

You should know that distillation makes a liquid substance pure but it does not always mean that it is healthy even if it is meant to eliminate contaminants that may be harmful to one’s health. Remember that there are natural minerals as well as electrolytes that are usually found in liquid substances and since this undergoes the process of distillation; the good ones are also removed. This only shows that drinking this is not that healthy but it doesn’t also mean that it is not safe to consume when you prefer to drink it – go here to learn more.

Indeed, it is great to know that there will be an absence of impurities but what’s sad about this is that even the minerals which are usually beneficial to your body system, such as magnesium as well as calcium are all gone because of the process performed. Are you even aware that you will miss 99.9% of those minerals, which means that this is not helping you boost your immune system and that makes you weak? Well, I know that you may consume other sources of micronutrients, too, but it would be great to consider what you drink every day.

Remember that we need magnesium and calcium to have stronger bones and with a weak one, there is a potential risk of heart disease, fracture, and preterm birth. Aside from that fluoride may be removed as well so this will lead to the formation of cavities and when that happens, you may experience problems with your teeth or breath and this may be the start of losing self-confidence, especially when you have a bad breath. I supposed you are aware that proper dental hygiene is very important because you face and talk to people so don’t allow yourself to suffer from this.

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