Mexican’s Traditional Drinks to try on Christmas Eve

When it comes to Christmas Eve, the whole World celebrates it with full joy and happiness. Most people keep the traditional function, inviting their family and friends. In these kind of functions, people normally provide beverages and food. México is quite famous for their Christmas celebrations in their traditional style. Christmas comes in winters, as the temperature drops in winters many of them prefer to have some amazing drinks. In Mexico, they do a lot of parties and host events to celebrate Christmas. Here we have this complete guide which you can look into to have some superlative and iconic drinks in Mexico. Commonly Mexican beverages consist of tequila. So, you can buy tequila online in this pandemic situation easily without facing any issues.

Mexican Tequila

Tequila is famous all around the Globe. The hub of tequila is México. Tequila has different categories; you can try according to your choice which suits you. The foremost ingredient used in this beverage is blue agave plant. Tequila is usually given in clubs and parties as a small shot with a lime and some salt. Also, it is mixed with some cocktails to make them better. Tequila is adored by many liquor lovers because of its fruity, earthy, and sweet taste. In Mexico, all Tequila must have 51% per cent alcohol in it. So, you can easily utilize this on Christmas Eve blending it with a cocktail with your friends and family.

Mexican Mezcal

Mezcal is a beverage that can be found anywhere in Mexico. Some people spell its name as mescal. It is prepared from dozens of various agave plants. It tastes like scotch and whiskey. This beverage is cherished by Mexican’s and they have been making this drink the same way for the last 100 years. Mezcal can be used in tastings, functions, and Eve’s. It can be given as shots or in cocktails same as tequila. Exciting drinkers will love to experience mezcal with worm salt.

Mexican Beer

Mexican beer has been quite famous everywhere in the world since the 19th century. There are the top well-known two corporations which provide beer and lead the market in Mexico. The greatest Mexican Beer in the world is Corona. The beer is available in different sizes of bottles which vary the capacity and alcohol percentage in it. Also, it’s quite reasonable that you can get cartons of it and celebrate Eve to its fullest. This beer has a mild flavour and light in bitterness with less amount of alcohol in it. For events like Christmas or Birthdays, this is the best beverage to give your friends and family.


Paloma is a Mexican refreshing liquid refreshment. Paloma means dove in Spanish. It is Mexicans favourite and most famous tequila-based cocktail. This recipe of this cocktail is easy and can be prepared in minutes with fewer ingredients. In this cocktail, the main traditional ingredients that are used are grapefruit and tequila. You can serve this with small meals or snacks especially with some spicy dishes and can be a decent drink for hours. It is not sweet as such but can be made a little bit sweet by adding sugar. For reunions or small events, this drink is best!!


This unique item is the Mexican’s much-loved rich coffee flavoured liqueur. This brew is prepared with Arabica coffee beans, grown by Veracruz. This drink is prepared by adding tequila, sugar, and Arabica coffee. Kahlua is a famous coffee liquor in the World. Kahlua can also be used in many desserts and other drinks to enhance its taste. It is only the drinks that go perfectly with alcohol. It is pretty satisfying and liked by everyone. So, for Christmas Eve this can be your first choice to make your guests happy and make their Eve unforgettable.


There are various variants of cocktails prepared from beer, Michelada comes in one of them and is known as the spiced beer cocktail in Mexico. This recipe contains tomato juice, lime juice, and some hot sauce with beer. It flavours like beer margarita and the taste is unmatchable. It is given in a salt-rimmed glass, which enhances the taste of it. This drink perfectly goes for the occasions, family gatherings, brunch, and reunions, as it is easy to make as well as good to go with each individual. And you can serve this at any of the years. If you are a lover of bloody mary, you will love michelada. It is your choice how much beer is needed to add, you can prepare it with a light beer or the beer of your preference. A perfect mix of beer and cocktails!


Mexico is known as the tequila hub but they have some great wines too. Chardonnay is one of the popular white wines the world knows about. Mexican wines have their distinct taste that cannot be found in all other wines.  So, if in your gathering there are people who like to have some wine, go for red and whites.

Mexican Mule

Mexican mule is recognized all around the globe because of its classic representation. It is prepared with ginger beer mainly, this is the main ingredient in it. Mexicans add Tequila in this mule. It is full of flavours and rich. One would not regret trying this! It is particularly served in copper mugs to give it a classic look, it keeps the drink chilled and it is a tradition as well to pour mule in mugs made of copper.

Ranch Water

This Ranch Water is kind of Texan style tequila. This drink is prepared with three ingredients including tequila, lime, and (mineral water) topo chico, this water is a Mexican famous mineral water brand. It is known as a bubbly cocktail. It is the form of a typical margarita but in a lighter form. If you take one sip, you will appreciate its taste. It has a lesser amount of sugar and booze. The older the tequila is, the more flavoured drink it will become. Try this out!

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